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Employee Spotlight!!!

This week Leader of the week is Cameron Mattes, who was voted by his peers. Cameron expresses exceptional leadership skills by motivating those around him. He always has an impeccably positive attitude which rubs off on everyone around him. He has an outstanding sense of professionalism that has carried him to be leader of the week. He frequently can be caught saying “A positive attitude and a strong work ethic can get anything accomplished”. Congrats to Cameron! We look forward to watching him grow here at InStile Acquisitions.

Employee Spotlight!!!

This week at InStile Acquisitions we don’t just shine the spotlight with just one outstanding individual but with two!! This week Mollie Neely and Evan Nuckols have been chosen by their peers to be InStile’s employee spotlights. Both Mollie and Evan have shown commitment, hard work, and amazing leadership training this week! Keep it up guys!!

Employee Spotlight!!!

This week’s employee spotlight goes to Mollie Neely. Mollie came into InStile with a great attitude and a strong drive to learn. Mollie has a student mentality and a hard work ethic which will help her grow along her entrepreneurial journey. Mollie goes to say, “I take pride in putting in hard work and effort at InStile because I know the opportunity here is endless.” InStile is proud of Mollie, keep up the hard work!!

Employee Spotlight!!!

This week’s employee spotlight goes to Evan Nuckols! Evan has been on fire at InStile demonstrating his leadership skills as well as his public relations and human resource skills. Evan goes to say, “Having confidence and believing in yourself is a trait that can help anyone reach their goals.” Congrats to Evan and we can’t wait to see you accomplish so much more at InStile!!


Employee Spotlight!!!!

This week’s employee spotlight here at InStile Acquisitions is Romello Campbell!!! He has really stepped up and has shown true leadership skills in the office. Romello is someone who was voted by all their peers in the office who felt that this he really kept that positive attitude, impeccable work ethic, and outstanding leadership skills. Romello is someone who is ultimately the next up and coming show stopper!!

Employee Spotlight!!!

This week at InStile we have a newcomer that is has our employee spotlight…. Jason Hermanutz!!!! Jason has proven himself over and over again at InStile on how an amazing, hardworking, and positive individual he is. He is always early in the office and ready to help anyone out! Congrats Jason and we can’t wait to see more from you!!

Employee Spotlight!!!

This week at InStile Acquisitions Cameron Mattes was chosen as our Employee Spotlight! Voted by his peers Cameron has demonstrated amazing work ethic and attitude to achieve his goals this week. Cameron has walked into InStile with such great ambition ready to take on any obstacle that is thrown at him! Great job Cameron can’t wait to really see you reach your goals with InStile :)

Employee Spotlight

This week’s employee spotlight goes to the one and only Vang Yang again!!!! Vang is on a hot streak this week at InStile her dedication and hard work ethic has made her reach all her goals this week! Vang goes to say, “I enjoy working with people and I care about the development as well as providing myself with financial independence and freedom!” Keep up the hard work Vang your doing great!

Employee Spotlight!

InStile Acquisitions, Incorporated would like to announce Vang Yang as this week’s Employee Spotlight!! Since arriving at InStile, Vang has been leading the office with her competitive and positive attitude. She is consistently meeting her goals every week and raising expectations for her co-workers. Great job Vang, all of your hard work is appreciated and everyone at InStile is excited to see your future success!!

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