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Employee Spotlight!

InStile Acquisitions, Incorporated would like to announce Vang Yang as this week’s Employee Spotlight!! Since arriving at InStile, Vang has been leading the office with her competitive and positive attitude. She is consistently meeting her goals every week and raising expectations for her co-workers. Great job Vang, all of your hard work is appreciated and everyone at InStile is excited to see your future success!!

Employee Spotlight!!

This week, the InStile Acquisitions employee spotlight of the week goes to Launce Wickesberg!! With his great attitude and work ethic, Launce has become one of our top executives.  Launce is a great leader to his peers and works with others as they develop and reach their goals in our firm.  Always raising standards and expectations in our organization, everyone at InStile Acquisitions Inc. looks forward to all of Launce’s future success in our business. We appreciate the hard work Launce and keep that momentum going!!!


Employee Spotlight!!

InStile Acquisition’s employee spotlight of the week is presented to our Account Executive, Evan Nuckols!!! Evan’s positive personality and leadership qualities, makes him one of the top marketing reps here at InStile Acquisitions. Evan goes to say, “I take pride in working my hardest and accomplishing my goals, as well as helping others accomplish theirs.” Evan is well on his way to reaching his goals here at InStile! Great job this week Evan, keep up the outstanding work!

Employee Spotlight

Our employee spotlight this week goes to our Account Executive, Eugene White! InStile Acquisitions, Incorporated is very proud of his accomplishments! With Eugene’s outstanding work ethic and positive “can do” attitude, it is no surprise he is in our employee spotlight this week! Keep up the great work!!

Employee Spotlight!!!!

InStile Acquisitions, Incorporated would like to recognize Raymond Leonard and Brandi Brown as this week’s Employee Spotlight!  Since joining the team here at InStile, Ray and Brandi has been able to remain at the top in the office in client relations, has taking the time to develop others, and has a great attitude around the office.  Brandi goes to say, “We can’t stop the waves from crashing, but we can learn to surf!”  Great way to look at things, no wonder he has found so much success here at InStile.  Keep up the great work Ray and Brandi and everyone wishes you the best in your future in the organization. 

Employee Spotlight!!!!

This week’s employee spotlight goes to Senior Corporate Executive Eugene White.  Eugene has shown this week that he has what it takes to be a valuable asset to the company.  Always helping others and maintaining a great attitude, Eugene has had a lot of success so far here at InStile Acquisitions, Inc.  Setting the pace with our client relations and playing a key role in our training and development, everyone here at InStile is glad to have Eugene around.  Eugene goes to say “Through thick and thin, a great attitude will always win!”  Great job Eugene as we see a lot of future success in the organization.

Employee Spotlight!!

Congratulations to Ray Zabrowski on receiving InStile Acquisition’s Employee Spotlight!  Since arriving at InStile Ray has had a great attitude and has a great asset to the team here at InStile.  Voted by his peers, Ray is always helping everyone out and being there for when anyone needs him.  He has very ambitious goals wants to help others reach theirs on his way to achieve his.  Everyone at InStile looks forward to all the success that Ray will have in our organization!!

Employee Spotlight!!!!!

This week’s employee spotlight goes to the one and only Meena Mousavi!!! Meena is a two week champion and is on the path to success here at InStile!!! Meena has demonstrated her hard work ethic and awesome student mentality always leading the pact at InStile to achieve their goals. Keep up the hard work Meena!!

Employee Spotlight!!!!

This week’s employee spotlight goes to….. Brian Bumpers!!! Brian has shown how much of a hard worker he is this week at InStile by hitting his personal and company goals. Brian has reached out to everyone at InStile to help them reach their goals and show them what a great student mentality can bring. Brian goes to say, “When I woke up, I was excited because each day I’m going into a job I love and know something good is happening to my career.” Great job Brian and keep up the good work!!!

Employee Spotlight!!!

This week’s employee spotlight goes to Rudolph Johnson!!! Rudolph aka Rudy has been proving himself like no other this week at InStile showing his hard work ethic and superb training skills to help guide newer account managers in our company. Rudy goes to say, “It’s all about taking one step at a time.” Great job Rudy and keep up the hard work!!!

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